Above ground pools

Ideal for terraces, land and situations where it is not possible to have an inground pool


An alternative solution in all those cases where the construction of an inground pool is not possible. Or a choice to create your own living room above ground.

GARDAPOOL is the official reseller of Laghetto (by fluidra).

Style, functionality, beauty and design, all in one solution. Above ground pools are the result of years of research. Established brand in Italy and abroad for their elegance and reliability.

Our range includes the most elegant product available in the world of above ground pools.

We have an extensive package of quality above ground pools. With filtration systems that have nothing to envy to those proposed for in-ground pools.

There are solutions that do not require any concrete construction, thus resulting as removable structures.

The above ground pool represents the dream for many people, to create an oasis of well-being and fun where you can spend pleasant moments in the company of friends and family.

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Building examples


Heated whirlpool with cartridge filtration system. Depth of water m.0,55. Attractive design suitable for terraces and gardens. It is possible to add rattan seats to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Fully self-supporting semi-inground swimming pool. Depth of water m.1.20 (underground structure: cm.54 above ground: cm.74). Also available in the self-supporting version for areas where it is not possible to build a concrete base.


Above ground pool with elegant design, completely self-supporting. Depth m.1.20. Stainless steel ladder and external rattan covering.